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Monument Valley High School offers a variety of programs for your child, all of which are designed to challenge students in their chosen area. We offer a bridge between education and the workforce, providing opportunities for students to learn more about and work in their potential future career. Local community and business leaders assist in providing input, advice, and training for our students. Using the Arizona Model for Vocational Technical Education, we offer technical training in seven program areas:

Business Management

Students learn how to manage a small business as they handle concessions at our sporting events. They handle the income and expenses of school clubs, monthly statements, purchase orders, and pay invoices. Students that complete the two-part program receive a certificate of completion for Administrative Support Services.

Child Care

Students enrolled in this program are part of the Child Care Occupation and Parenting Education program.

Agriculture - Animal Science

Our chapter of the Future Farmers of America provides students the opportunity to exercise leadership capabilities. Students work on our 12-acre Land Lab, taking care of the animals and crops. They get hands-on experience in animal science, horticulture, and agriculture mechanics.


Students work on hands-on welding projects in our lab, designing and creating a variety of projects. They also learn the necessary safety procedures to be successful in the future.


In Mentorship, students have the opportunity to work with a mentor in a chosen career field. The program is open to juniors and seniors age 17 and 18 with a valid driver’s license and daily transportation to the job of choice.


The Graphics program prepares students to apply communications, visual communications, graphic design, and Web publications principles. Students receive instruction in computer assisted design, photo imaging, print publication, and professional etiquette, and they employ writing formats utilized in the visual communication industry.

Drafting Technology

Drafting includes beginning drafting, advanced drafting, and computer aided drafting. Courses can assist students in careers using heavy equipment, electrical wiring, plumbing, inspecting buildings, and supervising work areas. Technical Foundations is a prerequisite for this program.